An Update on Pin Up Girl Clothing

So, a few months ago we quietly introduced selections from Pin Up Girl Clothing to our Revival range.

For long time fans of this California based brand, this is fantastic news. The availability of PUG to try and buy in London is a huge advantage compared to the freight, taxes and duty to pay when importing from America.

Team Revival is ecstatic to be able to present Pin Up Couture amongst our edit of the best vintage style clothing. The biggest problem is deciding what to stock! Pin Up Couture has such an enormous range to choose from!

We can't possibly stock everything Pin Up (and we wouldn't want to!). Our customers trust us to provide a classic and elegant look and that's why we are in love with designer, Laura Byrnes' 1940s collection which has just arrived in store.


Laura Byrnes 1940s Vintage Length Pencil Skirt
Laura Byrnes Vintage Length Pencil Skirt at Revival Retro, London, UK.

Old Hollywood Style 1940s Trousers
Old Hollywood Style Special Import Doris Pants

Pin Up Girl Clothing Funny Face Pants
Fantastic Pin Up Capri Pants for best fit. Available Now in London

So for anyone familiar with Pin Up Girl Clothing then know that no we won't be stocking any of the Mary Blair, Disney Princess or the crazier novelty prints, they are fun and fantastic but they are not us. However, you can expect to see over the coming months classic 'Pin Up' dresses, best fit separates and Revival's top selects for flattering vintage glamour.

Pin Up Girl Clothing Ava Dress

Like all our US imported stock we try to make prices competitive with the final rate you would expect to pay if you had purchased direct from their website and had it shipped to the UK including customs charges.

Beware that pair of capri pants might look cheap on first look at the dollar price but once you add shipping plus the governments import tax duty and charges then you will wonder why you didnt just come and see us in London in the first place. Especially when you can shop ALL your favourite brands under one roof!
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