Revival Retro Launches New Collection of Flattering Swimwear.

by Rowena Howie March 29, 2016

For me, just as important as the holiday itself is my 'anticipation' of the holiday. Months of looking forward, the planning of my dream escape, the checking of the weather forecasts (sun, sun and more sun ... yes please!), the wondering what I will eat / drink / see ..... my holiday is something to look forward to, a goal, a reward.

In all my day dreaming I'm happy to visualise the scenery, the pool, the hotel, me in my favourite little roadside cafe ... the bit I often skip over is visualising what I will look like by the pool. I'm not so great at visualising that.

 Revival Retro Swimwear

Me .... in a cozzie. The abstract idea is ok (in fact it neatly lets me segue into what book I will be reading, the fantastic wide brimmed hat I will purchase from Atelier Millinery) but visualising the reality of me in a, gulp, string bikini... then my lovely holiday reverie starts tuning into anxious strategic planning of shopping visits to department stores, probably a look at Bravissimo too, wondering where on the high street might have something suitable (quick answer - nowhere!). Oh AND then there's the stressful of trying to perfectly time a booking at my local beauty parlour before I fly out. Does this sound all too familiar?

 Flattering Retro Swimsuit

Well, now you don't need to worry because your favourite dress shop has started selling swimsuits! If you trust us girls to sell you a flattering dress and some comfortable shoes then, boy, have we got a knockout swimsuit for you.
Better still, we have a number of styles in stock already so with some advance planning you will feel confident about what to wear, what to pack and return to dreams of you and that poolside cocktail.
Our swimwear is designed for women with curves. Our retro designs offer just enough coverage to be flattering but not so much that you can't work on your tan. The detailing makes them perfect for covering up the lumps and bumps that we are less than confident about whilst offering a range of gorgeous colours to feel glorious in.
Currently in 2021 we do not have any swimwear in stock. We hope to restock in 2022 so please register your interest by emailing

Rowena Howie


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