The Evie Dress is BACK!

Regular customers will know already that things move quickly around here. The Evie dress, is one of our fastest selling-out red dresses of all time. Below are 8 simple reasons why...

We have just restocked her- you need to get yours now!


1. She has a high neckline- she's classy.

2. She finishes at knee level- she's elegant.

3. You can wear her with cream or nude toned accessories- she's understated.

4. You can wear her with black accessories- she's sexy.

5. You can wear her with a blazer- she's the envy of the office.

6. Wear her with a hat- she's outshining the bridesmaids.

7. Her shade of red is gorgeously bright and intense- she's confident.

8. Don't tell anyone- but she's made of a stretch fabric- she's super comfortable to wear! 

Seeing is believing. Click here for a closer look - or better still, come and see us in store!

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