Top 10 of 2015: Seeing Double and Triple in Store!

I love it when ladies in store choose to try something I'm wearing- or something they've spotted someone else trying. I try my hardest to make sure I snap a picture (because I love this sort of thing!) - and then I put it on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagramas I think it's fun and proof that great minds think alike!

Here are my favourite 10 moments from 2015 when we saw that great minds can think fabulously alike!



Spring of 2015: Team Revival are Triple Trouble in Katharine Hepburn trousers! You know it's a good product when the whole team have it.


Summer 2015: This Mother and Daughter duo over from the states were so sweet- and they put the blouse and skirt together in a way that haven't occurred to me. Good work, ladies!


Summer 2015: These two were almost fighting over the Hawaiian wrap as they're the same size. Issy (left) actually got the last one in their size and Rachel (right) decided to get the size up and alter it because she loved it so much!


Winter 2015: Triple the Flappers: Triple the Fun! Mum (right) gets the forehead band as daughter (left) and niece (centre) dazzle in navy and white respectively.


Summer 2015: The Michelle Maxi dress that sold out almost immediately! These two babes were an absolute hoot. Taken on the day of the launch of our in store loyalty card.

Summer 2015: Two of our best selling items, the Evie Dress in Red and the Casablanca Cardigan in Navy.

Autumn 2015: Good things come in threes! This is proof that rust houndstooth can suit anyone, and that if you stay in the store long enough you will be unable to resist trying something!

Spring 2015: Obsessing over the Obsession dress in the changing room!

Autumn 2015: I do love it when someone comes in and just loves what you're wearing... and then looks fab in it! The Fair Isle Cardigan in Mustard and the last Alice Skirt in Micro Tweed.

My favourite picture, though, was taken only a few days ago; when Rowena, Charlotte and I ALL turned up in our Burgundy Fair Isle knits. Snuggle and matchy matchy!!

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