Fabulous Fridays at Revival Retro

So, in the wake of our #Thursdate socials with the girls on Team Revival and our regular customers, I was chatting with a guy friend of mine. He works in technology, and was lamenting the lack of opportunity to dress up. (I had been saying that many people in store say they just don’t know when to wear ‘these sorts of dresses’.)


He has recently begun a one-man campaign to reinstate the Formal Fridays that his company used to have- and seems it’s working.


I was pretty impressed- here is a man who normally kicks about in denim and tees, desert boots, maybe a leather jacket when the weather calls for it. He’s been going all out suited and booted! Shiny shoes, fun socks, pocket square: looking sharp.


It got me thinking…. Why don’t *I* do this?! I’m dreadful at wearing my dresses- especially for someone who has so many beautiful ones! I’m forever saying ‘life is the occasion, darling’….


My problem is that after a summer of lovely dresses, as soon as the weather changes I’m more likely to be living in my highwaisted trousers or pencil skirt with a blouse. I think recently acquiring the super comfortable Jerome boot by Miss L Fire has also given my standard 1940s inspired look a real war-time landgirl edge.


So here it is! My line in the sand! It’s time to Reclaim My Revival Style! From here on in, I’m taking this idea and making it Fabulous Fridays! And I invite you to join me- and get your girlfriends involved too.


Life is too short to leave your favourite frocks hanging glumly in your wardrobe, only worn on ‘special occasions’. Remember that for every worry you have about being overdressed for something, there are at least two people thinking you’re looking amazing and wishing they’d got your outfit.


You don't even have to wear a dress for it! Just wear something that makes YOU feel awesome. Whether it's a gorgeous new piece of underwear, an indulgent silk slip underneath a knit dress, or a lovely scarf the adds a bit of colour- or your poshest frock and a tiara. This is your Friday. Have fun with it!

(I personally think that for instant fab you just need a pair of gold shoes!)


Try it- and please, email, tweet, tag us on Instagram or Facebook me your pictures….Because it’s easier knowing that someone else is out there doing it too!


For your invite to our next night out, email me at boutique@revival-retro.com

To join in the #FabFridays, tag us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using @RevivalRetro (Ladies who have our loyalty card, remember that's one of the stamps towards your voucher!)


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