We did it! Our first products arrive!

The last eight months have been intense! Once i set my mind to something, there's no stopping me. I will give that project everything I've got. Brainstorming ideas. Pitching them to others. Tearing them down and rebuilding them based upon the feedback, research and learning. Staring again. Realising things are not technically possible and coming at it another way. 

It's been a roller coaster not just for me but everyone along on the ride!


Jackets to fit curvy women shapes


Our first products are a choice of jackets designed for curvy figures with mix and match skirts to create a smart outfit of practical separates.


Jackets for curvy female figure


The three central tenets that have never changed as we strived to realise our vision:

We are a British, our small business is based in London. We have seasonal weather; we need layers for the north European climate.

It is difficult for our curvy customers to source jackets that fit and flatter their shape. Most of these women resort to buying jackets on the high street that they are resigned they will not actually be able to fasten. 

Revival's retro aesthetic is classic and elegant. We are inspired by the feminine shapes of the 1930s, tailoring of the 1940s and silhouettes of the 1950s. 


London designer of jackets for curvy women


We have created jackets in off the peg sizes from 8-18, a-line skirts in a matching brown wool and we are offering made to measure pencil skirts in the same fabric. The styles are inspired by the past but updated to fit the needs of the modern woman. providing smart mix and match options that help you transition through the seasons.


I'm happy that this more than a minimum viable product, this is a great first offering. Sure it will be refined over time but these are products that I believe will sell.


Biggest frustration upon launch? In our campaign photo shoot the jacket was too big for our beautiful model. She was fantastic but she should have been worn one size smaller. On the scale of it that's a pretty small one but it does bug me.


Jackets Made in Britain



The whole team is truly excited though. Everyone has been involved in the process, infact not just people who work for Revival, we've roped in loyal customers, friends and family, experts and advisors. A great big thank you to everyone involved.


This is a huge moment for us but really it's only the beginning...



More details of our current product range 


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