Jackets to fit curvy women - Success! Really? Prove it.

In 2017 i set about realising my mission to create our own range of clothing. Having spent years listening to what our customers want / need then trying to source this and sometimes not being able to, I set about creating products to fit customers needs that I couldn't source elsewhere.

Our first mission was to create a jacket, for our British seasonal weather, that would fit and flatter a curvy woman's body. Something that apparently the high street is unable or unwilling to deliver. Our customers report that the vast majority of jackets in the large chain stores either you can't do them up across the bust, or they become boxy and unflattering with no fit through the waist. If you finally do find on they are rarely of good enough quality or don't warrant the price tag.

Have you experienced the same? You're not alone. Thats why I made these.

Jackets fitting bigger bust curvy women


Womens jacket for curvy figure


So, we sold through on our first production within 16 weeks which we are ecstatic about. This was a proof of concept and we are classing that as success!

Sales were largely in store to repeat customers but also new customers discovering us for the first time. Web sales, unsurprisingly resulted in a higher rate of return and more than 50% exchanges so we know we've got some work to do regarding information about size and fit. 

Now, we do the same again, but in a new colour. Version 2. Voila!


clothing for curvy women Uk london



More details of our current product range 




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