Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Buttons

Did you know that we use eco-friendly buttons made in Britain from natural sources? As our supplier Courtney & Co Buttons say they: "are ecological, sustainable, bio-degradable and traceable".

Sustainable buttons made in britain
Navy, green, black Corozo buttons for AW22

Rowena did extensive research into a more sustainable button than the standard plastic ones a few years ago as we felt using plastic buttons after being so careful about other elements seemed to do our end product such a disservice and didn't align with our sustainability goals. From the fabrics we choose to where we decide to manufacture our garment to the trimmings on the final product, we really do consider the provenance of every element of our pieces.

Sustainable Buttons
Buttons dyed to match our GOTs certified organic cotton for Blackpool Dress

After weighing up our options we chose buttons made from Corozo which is derived from the nut of the Tagua Palm and otherwise known as 'vegetable ivory'. The parts of the palm that are used to create these buttons fall naturally so the trees remain unharmed and continue to grow and produce tagua nuts for up to a hundred years.

Sustainable buttons made in Britain
Pictures of the Tagua palm, Mococha and nuts from Courtney & Co buttons

Transforming the nuts into blanks ready to be made into buttons produces three types of by-product, all which is used for another purpose; the mixed powder generated by the machinery is fed to local animals, the 'pico' is processed into a bio-exfoliant called YURAQ which replaces plastic micro bead in high end cosmetics and the circular remnant of the nut after the blank is cut is used by craftspeople to make jewellery and decorative items. 

Sustainable buttons made in Britain
Pictures of the blanks and by products from Courtney & Co Buttons

When you touch our buttons (oo-er!) you can feel they're something special. These little touches, we think, make the difference between liking a garment and loving a garment for life.

It's style with integrity.

Sustainable buttons made in Britain
Navy buttons used on our Lambeth jacket and Sloane dress

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