Designer Clothes

I’m sure most people when they hear the phrase “designer clothes” will think of the likes of Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci etc, but what if I told you all clothes are designer clothes?

Designer clothes with a vintage influence

Every item in your wardrobe was designed by someone, sometimes even by a group of people. No matter whether it’s a basic t-shirt or an extravagant ballgown, there have been design ideas whittled and refined throughout the process, by designers, to get every garment from paper to the real world with the intention of that garment being worn and enjoyed by others.

When it comes to the big brands mentioned above, it’s very unlikely the people buying from them could name any of the designers behind a piece of clothing. And I don’t mean the famous head designer that you’ve seen being appointed and applauded in the press...

This is what makes buying from small independent brands like us so special because you get to know the designer of the clothes. You get to hear the stories of how something came to be (or not come to be at times!) and your feedback helps shape the next piece.

The primary designer behind Revival Retro clothing is the owner, Rowena Howie. Frustrated with a lack of well made clothing with a subtle vintage influence that fit her fuller bust, she set about designing her own. But as with everything at Revival Retro, it was a team effort. In fact I, Lottie, even got to take the lead on a few pieces and Rowena just let me run with design ideas.

We’re not looking to reach dizzying heights of fame and expand to unethical levels like some of the well known famous brands; we just want our designer clothes to reach those who will love our carefully thought out and beautifully crafted pieces. We can’t do it alone though so please do share us with your friends, family, and acquaintances. Even the most modern wardrobe has a space for something with a retro feel, after all, designer clothing with a vintage style never goes out of fashion.

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