Curvy fashion - it's not just a vintage thing

by Rowena at Revival October 18, 2017

The latest installment in my mission to create fantastic clothing to fit and flatter curvy women:

We've designed these amazing jackets, they are selling well to our existing customers, we are doing well for our first ever product release but...

...our jackets might be inspired by vintage style but they are not intended only for a niche market of vintage fans...

We designed a jacket to fit and flatter a curvy woman. There is room in the bust that you can fasten the buttons without the jacket gaping, it nips in to define the waist and has room in the hip. This is a jacket that solves a lot of women's problems!

So, we might be inspired by feminine tailoring of the 1940s and silhouettes of the 1950s but we don't want to live in the past. We need to look at our branding and marketing. Small steps, but what do you think of the new photoshoot?



Jackets for curcy women - no gape



More details of our current product range 

Rowena at Revival


The owner and founder of Revival Retro. Rowena is exacting in her choices and a perfectionist. Her recommendations come from the heart and she has a great eye for detail. You can trust Rowena to nail it perfectly and she won't settle for less.

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