1940s Vintage Inspired Jumpsuit

As with everything we design and make here at Revival Retro, our timeless and elegant 1940s inspired jumpsuit Mayfair was designed to fill a gap you were telling us about. ⁠

1940s vintage inspired jumpsuit

We've stocked some great jumpsuits over the years, and they have been fabulous on lots of people, but some folks have found those jumpsuits too fitted or too long or too restrictive when seated or too revealing up top. It's hard to find a jumpsuit that works but we were determined to make one for you.⁠

1940s vintage inspired jumpsuit

We knew our starting point for Mayfair had to be our vintage inspired Holborn trousers. Many, many, many of you rave about them and how comfortable they are thanks to the wide leg and generous crotch length, so we knew were onto a winner with them as the base.⁠

1940s vintage inspired jumpsuit

From there we took a look over some vintage 1940s designs and fell in love with the tear drop cut out at the neckline. The perfect detail to show a little skin without showing much at all. Now when we say we spent an age perfecting that tear drop we really mean it. We swithered over the shape, the placement, the length, everything! ⁠

1940s Jumpsuit

To keep the focus on comfort, we opted for a grown on short sleeve which has resulted in no shoulder seam and a little extra room. Ideal for different shoulder widths and shapes and for when you're wanting to reach for something. ⁠

As for length, we erred on the shorter side with the vision that on some people Mayfair would be full length whilst on others it would be a cropped length, reminiscent of our culottes, that would be a great way to show off your fabulous boots or hosiery. ⁠

1940s vintage inspired jumpsuit in navy
Something you might have noticed we haven't spoken about is pockets. I hope you're sitting down for this...Mayfair doesn't have any. We know, we know, it's shocking news. Pockets are really important to us but what's more important is having a design that works and looks fabulous. Sadly during sampling we found pockets just ruined everything. They didn't suit the design and despite our pattern cutter working her magic, they just wouldn't sit right. It was a tough call to make but it was the right one. Just see this as the perfect excuse to accessorise with a statement bag!

Have you tried Mayfair? Would you like to try Mayfair? If you're in London on the 26th & 27th of November you'll be try it in person at our pop up! Details can be found here.

Shop Mayfair in navy and wine in sizes UK 16 - UK 6 here.
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