Swing Shoes

Aris Allen dance shoes feature extra cushioning in the footbed providing additional comfort and support and they are extremely lightweight. Aris Allen shoes have either suede soles or their own Raw Leather Sole specially developed for swing dancing. Aris Allen swing dance shoes come in many styles, many of which are also suitable for ballroom dance, balboa, blues and Tango.

Whether you are beginning to learn swing dance, have been taking swing dance lessons for a while or are a seasoned pro we have smart and casual styles suitable for practise and for events.


Aris Allen ‘Vintage’ Swing Dance Shoes

A classic and elegant vintage style dance shoe with suede soles.

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Aris Allen ‘Killer Diller’ Swing Dance Shoes Red

Suede sole dance shoes with sumptious red velvet upper. £62

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Aris Allen ‘Savoy’ Swing Dance Shoes

Reproduction 1930s shoes with suede soles, ideal for swing dance. £60

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Ginger – Swing Dance Shoe

Black and White Womens Spectator Heeled Dance Shoe. Suede Sole. £80

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Canvas Sneaker – White

Aris Allen White Canvas Dance Sneaker with Suede Sole Perfect for swing dancing! Suede soles are great for dancing in and wont ruin your knees as dancing in rubber soles can do. The classic retro look of this dance shoe make them stylish in addition to functional. A flexible chrome leather bottom sole allows for [...]

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Mens Swing Dance Shoes Suede Sole Black

The Aris Allen Canvas Sneaker. A casual shoe great for class and social dancing. A chrome leather (suede) soled shoe favoured by swing dancers found here in mens sizes. Canvas upper is black. Rubber and laces are white. 209-BK UNISEX Swing dance shoes. Be sure to order according to your UK size.

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Aris Allen Vintage Heel – Black & White

Vintage Heel – Black & White

Aris Allen – Swing Dance Shoes Look: A dance shoe that is cute and feminine. This vintage shoe is an exact replica of a 1940s shoe. The heel is not too high at only 2.25″ helping you feel well supported. This shoe is perfect for swing dance, balboa or ballroom. Construction: The buckle of this [...]

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Mens Swing Dance Shoes – Black & White

Mens Black and White Spectators. Vintage style leather dance shoes.

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Mens Swing Dance Shoes White

The most popular men’s leather swing dance shoe because you don’t need to think about it, white goes with everything!

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