1920′s Shoes

Gorgeous reproduction 1920s shoes. New, never worn styles available in a variety of sizes. These 1920s vintage style shoes are classy, statement, street footwear to be worn by any woman who has a sense of her own individuality and style.

ReMix Vintage Shoes 1920s Trieste-grey

ReMix Vintage Shoes Trieste Grey

Elegant colour combination for this pretty vintage style.

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ReMix Vintage Shoe Red Trieste

ReMix Vintage Shoes Trieste Red

A feminine and pretty red vintage style shoe.

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ReMix Vintage Shoes ‘It Girl’ Yellow

Unmissable mustard yellow It Girl Shoe inspired by the 1920s.

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ReMix Vintage Shoes 1920s Opera Green

The most fantastic Emerald Green colour shoe.

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ReMix Vintage Shoes Balboa Gold

Glorious 1920s 1930s low heeled shoe that looks great with everything.

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ReMix Vintage Shoes 1930s ‘Lillie’ Ivory

A feminine high heel with art deco detail.

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Aris Allen Dance Shoes 1920s ‘Charleston’

The ‘Charleston’ is a reproduction 1920s shoe specially designed for dancers but wearable by all. £60

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ReMix Vintage Shoes Lillie Two Tone

Gorgeous vintage style shoe that looks great with so many of our dresses.

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ReMix Vintage Shoes 1920s Ritz Silver

Fabulous 1920s high heel in antique silver.

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